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Colin Hay To Play One-Man Theater Show
(Associated Press) (04/01/04)

By Anthony Breznican

Edited By Michael Bennett

COLIN HAY NEW YORK, NY, USA - COLIN HAY, frontman for 1980s Australian band Men At Work, will star in a one-man theater show of storytelling and music in New York City this May.

The stage offer came after Hay appeared at the Aspen Comedy Festival in early March with a show that features new songs along with old hits such as 'Down Under,' 'Overkill' and 'Who Can It Be Now?' in acoustic-heavy performances that blend music with comedy.

"I try to take people on some kind of journey during the show and people seem glad to travel with me. There is some kind of thread through it," he told The Associated Press Tuesday.

"I based it on songs really, I'll think, 'Where was I when I wrote this song and what was the song about?' The songs take me to a particular time."

The stage show, titled "Man (At) Work" and set for the Village Theatre May 4-15, comes amid a North American tour Hay has been on since February - his biggest concert series in nearly a decade.

For years, the Scottish-born Australian immigrant, who now lives outside Los Angeles, has recorded and released his music on his Lazy Eye Records label.

He's now signed with Compass Records, which released his latest CD, also titled "Man (At) Work."

The ups and downs of his career are part of the stage show.

"You have moments where you're selling millions of records and think, 'This is my life now.' And for some people that continues, but often what happens is - that doesn't happen."

"You get dropped from a record label, fall from grace, and then you think: 'Now what?' How do you deal with that part of your life while you may continue to head for the lofty peaks?"

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