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:: About This Website ::

The website was hatched from a group of bookmarked "Favorites" that was started on my WebTV unit, which later grew far too big for the "maximum," which at the time was about 20 links in 2001. So I bought a computer and found myself building the database for this site and then a second, much larger multi-genre site in, which is also currently live and on the Internet.

Today, operates out of the simple purpose of providing fans of Rock and Metal music with a cost-free, one-click web portal to connect with thousands of artists and their music, some of which is legitimately available for free from time-to-time via individual record labels, PR agencies, the artists themselves, and other occasional authorized sources.

The primary goal of this website is to provide Rock and Metal artists at all levels of popularity an equal promotional footing to gain some newly found exposure to potential fans throughout the world. This is NOT an unauthorized "file-sharing" operation of any sort -- no media files reside on our website servers, but are directly linked to at legitimate, authorized sources for gaining access to a promotional media file from compiled listings within our artist directory.

As an American, one of the things I value most about it is my personal right to freedom of speech, along with the relative assurance that the bulk of whatever I say will not be censored by the government. Consequently, there is no intentional censorship on this website. You will find no "PARENTAL ADVISORY" warnings of any sort here.

The only artists that have purposely been screened off are those who would be considered to be espousing overt racial/ethnic hatred and/or the endorsement of committing racial violence against a specified group of others via their music.

The international artist has an edge on this website with regard to freedom of speech and the individual right by default (of being listed in our artist directory) not to be censored like they may be in their home country.

As a user, if you find yourself offended by some of the things you may see or hear on some of the websites linked to from, please accept the advice to simply "change the channel," because:


Enjoy!! - Michael Bennett, webmaster/publisher.

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